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There are many options for readers looking for a classy lifestyle magazine with a regular publishing schedule. The problem for Filipinos is that none of them is presented from the Pinoy perspective, to the Pinoy community. But that  has changed since January 2015, and until now,  ISH Magazine will continue to reach its goal of bringing a global quality magazine for pinoys in the UK. ISH Magazine is the lifestyle magazine you have been waiting for, published four times per year. Each edition will be jam packed with information important to Filipinos. ISH Magazine will offer news, sports, fashion, health and well-being, reviews, entertainment and music from around the world – all focussed on the Pinoy community!

For those who are interested in advertising with us, we are always eager to receive your querries. If your target market is the Filipino community, ISH Magz is committed to be the right channel for you. Your message has to reach the consumer without getting lost among thousands of other adverts. This is ISH MAGZ UK's mission, and we're committed to turning creative ideas into successful marketing at our base in essex.

Be it daily newspapers, or cinema or new media -- we know exactly how and where to reach your target groups and create individual and innovative communication solutions. Have a look at the projects we have delivered and read what our customers have to say about them. 


Creativity from experience --- Discover how our magazine can be the driving force behind your new advertising ideas. Let ISH be among the creative minds to further empower your reach.

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